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Press review #1 Dope cause we said

“In the world’s current state, it’s easy to just get programmed into thinking we can’t see the positive of this situation. Waking up every day in itself is something to be thankful for.” 


Press review #2  I am Hip Hop Magazine

Hailing from Harlem, rap artist Tommy Danger — The Now & Laterman started his career with the mixtape series ‘The Now & Laterman Volumes 1–10’. He has released 13 independent music projects, hosts ‘Motivation and Confidence’ podcasts weekly and is the author of the e‑book ‘Motivation and Confidence. Vol 1 — The 7 Steps’



Press review #3 Rap Olympus

Born and raised in Harlem, Tommy Danger isn't your typical rap artist. The entrepreneur/life coach is more of a Hip-Hop motivational speaker.


Press review #4 It's Hip Hip Music

While in 2019 the music industry is basically for an independent artist. There’s no real reason to need a major label. All the tools that you need to sit to succeed or at your disposal. There’s an app, a website, and social media with all the tools for you to do what you need to do.