The Story

Part inspirer, part entertainer, Hip-Hop artist Tommy Danger harnesses the power of music to facilitate connection between himself and the world around him.


Also known as “The Now and Laterman”, he has spent the last twenty years using his multiplex of talents to forge a platform in which he can motivate and give back to his fans and community. 


Tommy Danger grew up in Harlem, New York. With a hustle mindset instilled from a young age, he looked at creative ways to promote his music. Tommy took the “lead magnet” approach, offering free Now & Later candy to people on the street in exchange for an email address to send his music to. 


Sonically sitting somewhere between the positive vibes of Bas and Rick Ross, dashed with a hint of Roddy Rich, his music is marked by uplifting wordplay. Above all, his music serves as a tool to inspire listeners and get them through the struggles of life. It’s real and raw, often focusing on the hard truths of current events and relationships gone wrong.


Throughout both his journey as an artist and everyday life, Tommy Danger has epitomized hard work and dedication to the fullest extent. This is beyond evident when looking at his 15 years of music-making under his belt, 13 independent project releases, a weekly podcast, and an eBook entitled “Motivation and Confidence Vol. 1 – The 7 Steps”. He has collaborated with Illa Ghee, Ron Brownz, 45 Crummie Beats and Prodigy (of Mobb Deep).


With 'Motivation and Confidence - Vol.2' and 'M.G.H. Music' both being distributed independently on Ditto and United Masters this year, Tommy Danger is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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